ChemSolutions LLC specializes in volatile and semi-volatile organic analyses. Sample matrices include water, soil and air. Samples are analyzed using EPA Clean Water Act and RCRA methods. ChemSolutions can provide anything from quick, inexpensive EPA Level II screening methods to highly precise and accurate Level IV analyses with full documentation for data review.

Volatile Organics

VOCs8260, 624
1,4-Dioxane8260 SIM

Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons

Oil & Grease HEM1664

Semi-Volatile Organics

PAHs8270 SIM
Pesticides, Organochlorine8081

Fast Analysis Saves You Time and Money

ChemSolutions’ fast-turnaround analysis saves money by minimizing down-time and repeated mobilizations. Analyses can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your project, decreasing the turnaround time for results. ChemSolutions’ chemists specialize in coordinating their efforts with the onsite field activities to maximize the benefits of the real-time data. This eliminates guesswork about whether the excavator has dug deeply enough or a well is screened at the right interval to sample groundwater contamination.

We can provide anything from quick, inexpensive EPA Level II screening methods to highly precise and accurate Level IV analyses with full documentation for data review. All of the analytical methods used by ChemSolutions are EPA- or state-approved.

Vapor intrusion projects are particularly amenable to our services. Soil-gas samples are collected in Tedlar bags and analyzed by EPA Method 8260. Results are normally available one hour after sample receipt, so this method works very well for mapping plumes and determining the next sampling site. Reporting limits range from the low ppbv to the ppmv range. This method has been proven to provide equivalent results to TO-15 at concentrations greater than 5 ppbv for most analytes at a lower cost and with fewer potential problems.

We are proponents of the EPA Triad Approach. The Triad Approach promotes the use of innovative analytical technologies to support field operations. Over the past decade, there have been significant advances in analytical tools that are specific, accurate and sensitive and that can be performed rapidly. Using these innovative analytical tools, ChemSolutions is able to provide real-time analytical support for field activities on sites contaminated with metals, pesticides, PCB’s or semi-volatile organic compounds.

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ChemSolutions LLC provides vapor intrusion testing services, chemical analysis and environmental site assessments for clients on industrial, military, brownfield & superfund sites throughout Centennial, Denver, Colorado Springs & Grand Junction, CO, Cheyenne & Casper, WY, Salt Lake City, UT, Albuquerque, NM and surrounding cities.

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