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ChemSolutions has been in business since 2004. During that time we have worked on a wide range of analytical projects both in the base laboratory and mobile laboratory.

Triad Approach Projects

ChemSolutions was hired to characterize the environmental conditions of a North Dakota property over a 2 week period working with a geologist and a drill crew. The property included a power plant, landfill, water-treatment plant, numerous underground storage tanks and many buildings. Monitoring wells were installed down gradient of the landfill and the water-treatment plant. Soil borings were collected in the landfill area, around the power plant and water-treatment plant and at the underground storage tank sites. Samples were analyzed for volatile organics, total petroleum hydrocarbons, metals and PCBs. Several buildings were also tested for lead in paint by XRF. Sample turnaround times were typically one hour. Because of the rapid turnaround time, the analytical results were used to guide drilling and sampling. Ten percent of all samples were split and sent to a fixed-base lab for verification. There was excellent agreement between the mobile and the fixed-base lab results.

ChemSolutions worked on a Superfund site in Nebraska for two months. This work consisted of analyzing soil samples for 1,4-dioxane during excavation of three chemical disposal trenches. Sample turnaround time was less than one hour, which provided the excavators real-time feedback on where to dig next and when to stop. During excavation of one of the trenches, pesticides were discovered. The excavation became a Level B project, and the analysis switched to immunoassay tests for several pesticides. When the immunoassay tests showed pesticide concentrations to be less than the action level, confirmatory samples were collected and sent to an independent laboratory. These results also showed pesticide concentrations to be under the action level. Excavation resumed with 1,4-dioxane as the target compound. Also during this two-month period, we helped map a large groundwater plume of 1,4-dioxane contamination. We worked with a direct push unit, sampling the groundwater at 15 feet. Sample results were available in less than an hour, which enabled the project geologist to locate new sampling locations based on the previous sample result.

Vapor-Intrusion Projects

We have analyzed hundreds of soil-gas samples for volatile organic compounds in our base laboratory and on-site in our mobile laboratory. These vapor intrusion projects include site investigations for brownfield, dry-cleaner and fuel-station sites. Target analytes have ranged from BTEX to TCE/PCE to the full EPA Method 8260 target compound list.

Method 8260 is used for vapor intrusion projects. This method provides results that are identical to Method TO-15 results, although at a higher reporting limit. Method 8260 has a larger linear range and is better suited to the often high concentrations encountered during vapor-intrusion studies. We are able to analyze vapor samples on site with a one-hour turnaround time at a price competitive with standard turnaround TO-15 analysis.

Military Sites

ChemSolutions has worked on Air Force bases in Colorado and Wyoming, mapping groundwater plumes of solvent contamination. These projects typically consist of a direct push rig collecting the water samples, which are then analyzed in our mobile laboratory by EPA 8260. Sample turnaround time is normally less than an hour with 20 to 30 samples collected and analyzed per day. The analytical results are used to guide the drilling, which greatly enhances the efficiency of mapping contaminant plumes in the groundwater.

Oil and Gas Sites

We have done numerous projects in the oil and gas fields of Colorado and Wyoming. Analyses consist of BTEX by EPA 8260 and often include TPH by EPA 8015. Matrices have included soil, groundwater and soil gas. On-site analysis has supported mapping groundwater plumes, defining soil contamination and searching for the source of contamination. These projects often take place at remote locations where the mobile laboratory and personnel have to be self-supporting for periods of more than a week.

ChemSolutions has worked on numerous projects supporting the excavation of old tanks and piping at former and existing gas stations. These projects have been performed both in our mobile lab and in our fixed-base lab. Soil and water samples are typically collected at the end of the day and delivered to the laboratory. We provide results early the next morning.

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